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I. Current establishments belonging to Saigon Polytechnic College

1. The Headquarters.

Address: 83A Bui Thi He- Block 1- Cu Chi Town- Cu Chi Distric- Ho Chi Minh city
Tel: (08) 37 923 600 (05 lines)


  • Total construction area: 7000 m2,  consisting of  a 3-storey building, a system of modern, neat and spacious  classrooms, which are well equipped with projectors, TV, air conditioners, fans… 
  • The Administrative area is designed as a complex of functional Rooms: Admin- Management Organizational Room, Enrolling room, Training and Students’work Room, Testing and Quality Verifying Room, Planning – Finance Room, Medical Room, Technical- Economic Room. 
  • The advantage of this complex building is to be able to solve problems fast and conveniently, especially procedures relating to students. 
  • Conference rooms, Halls catering for school activities are available
  • Library, canteen catering for staff, professors and students
  • A traditional library with almost 25000 book titles of all kinds as well as an online library associating with libraries from other universities and colleges all over the country is a convenience in accessing and searching for information and documents serving teaching and studying work.
  • A spacious parking lot with smart motorbike controlling system.
  • A separately well furnished dormitory system located out of college area is available and convenient for students’ needs
  • The security staff works 24/7 to well assure the activities at school. 

Establishment 2:

Address: 1A- Nguyen Van Luong- Ward 6- Go Vap district- Ho Chi Minh city


This is a 5- storey buildiing, well furnished with very modern equipments serving training work at school. One special thing here is that the Management Board has associated with Yes Cener – a work supplying center offering students from part time jobs before graduating to full time stable jobs  suitable with their professions after graduating.


II. Modern facilities

All the classrooms are furnished with air conditioners, fans, speakers and projectors. 


1. Computer rooms- Practising rooms include

  • 6 computer rooms, which are well furnished with high configuration computers and the softwares are always updated to catch up with the training programs;
  • 4 web practising rooms for extensive professional IT training for students of Technical Session. 
  • 22 Medical practising rooms catering for extensive Medical professional training . 

2. IT Application

  • Wifi is available free at all the establishments for the staff, teachers and students.
  • BSC (Balance Scorecatd) software is deployed to assist in managing and training work.


III. Effective Managing Model.

            In 2014, we have deployed the BSC program, according to which,  the staff are evaluated  based on KPIs-Key Performance Indicators 

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