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Dear Valued Audience!

Saigon Polytechnic College was founded in 2008, through over 7 years of construction and growth, we have now step by step affirmed our position in the professional educational system of the whole country. 


Our mission has been defined: “To assure that all graduates are well qualified morally and skillfully to meet high quality laboring demand for society and to compete well in the global laboring market”. This is the commitment between us with students and between us with the whole society.

Up to 2014, the College Management Board have invested more than 83 billion VND for material base and facilities, 100% regualar professors are post graduates, 20% are MA. Our training level is always kept stable with the average rate of 19-20 students/professors. 

During the past years, in order to improve learning and teaching quality, Saigon Polytechnic College has pushed more international cooperations with other reputable educational enterprises locally and internationally, through which to improve the educational programs to catch up with the modern tendency to meet future career  necessities. Applications of foreign languages, Informative Technology in international standards are being strongly deployed here, in order to equip students with the best skills after graduating, to make them confident to start their work in any countries globally.

Direct interaction and exchange between students, training units and recruiters are always paid special attention to build a bridge between schools, students with recruiters in particular and  with society in general…


The staff of managers and professors have kept improving on both quantity and quality and also boosting internationalization. English is more often used and applied. Through international and local cooperative programs multilaterally and diversifiedly, we will be receiving international professors, teachers and volunteers to come to teach and work in the coming time.


With an ambition to affirm our role and capacity in training skillful and high quality college-level human resource satisfying laboring market, setting free the bias of “discrimination” toward professional “college level” existing in present society, Saigon Polytechnic College always perform well to show that affirmation of the training quality must be satisfactory between recruiters, learners and training units.

From our side, we always keep pursuing the long-term quality target. There might be a lot of difficulties in front, a lot of harsh evalutations of sociey toward professional college training, we still believe that what we have been aiming to will be defined, the core values that we have created will be a firm base from which we will be pushed to reach higher and farther in the coming time.

We hope that our Website will provide you with full of useful information about us. We always expect to receive your contributions and sharings in order that we will become more and more complete.

We wish you good health, happiness and success. 




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