Trường Trung cấp Bách Khoa Sài Gòn

Bách Khoa Sài Gòn

Saigon Polytechnic College was established in 2008. Through 7 years of construction and growth, our college has got 9 principal academic branches, and in 2014, there will be total of 13, after files have been completing to open 4 more branches.

We have invested on modern material base with full range of facilities, functional rooms, halls, experimentig rooms, and equipment to cater for learning and teaching work. Apart from on an online library on our website, we also have another library with more than 1.500 reference volumes. The dormitory can accommodate up to 500 beds for intership students.  

Saigon Polytechnic College – the only college in the system of 36 professional colleges of all city carries out online testing achieving over 80%,  which is a condition to reduce negatives in examinating work, and to reduce testing presure. Internal evaluating verification has been carried out and the quality managing procedure ISO 9001: 2008- the latest version provided y InterTek USA has been registered.  

In order to meet clinic practice’ demand for Medical Department students, we have created close relationships with many hospitals in the city like Pham Ngoc Thach Hospital, Saigon Multi Specialty Hospital, 115 Hospital, Cu Chi, HoocMon local hospitals…  

Our training qualities have been affirmed through the rates of graduates getting jobs after their graduation. With strategies of increasing more cooperation with domestic and international enterprises, we have built and updated a modern training system appropriate with reality and with high possibility of application according to international standards.  

We also have concerns in developing the staff of teachers and officers to meet the teaching and managing demands and enquiries. 

To the 7th year of constructing and growth of our College, we have step by step affirmed our position and reputation in this educational system as a genuine human resouce training center for the whole country in general and Ho Chi Minh in particular.  


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